The first                    album released on

cassette in June 1993.  It featured songs that were written when Robert James Pashman was in Unreal, songs written after Jeff (guitarist 90-91) left the band and some when Pat Kliesch joined.  Robert had just started working at Panetta Studios where he was learning how to record music for the first time (not counting his cassette based 4-track) and these 10 tracks were some of the first completed.  The band’s sound was more keyboard based and featured lots of “digital crystalline” sounds that had filled the radio waves in the 80’s so the sound is slightly dated in that respect but the song “Bury The Button” dates the project indelibly to post-Berlin Wall times.

    Bonus tracks (all digital masters from DAT) for the cd release feature two songs dropped off the HUMAN INTEREST STORY cd (perhaps for sounding too much like they belonged on this album!), two versions of a song that dates back to 1988 called “Come My Way”-one version with Unreal members, the other with Rob and Jeff in their place along with a 2007 recorded vocal by Robert James because it was never finished then.



1. Double Dealing

2. Bury The Button

3. Breathing Room

4. Is There Anyone?

5. Dancing Over Scarlet Mist

6. Hopeful

7. The World In Which We Lived

8. Powers That Be

9. The Lit Window

10. At The End Of The Day

BONUS TRACKS (cd only)

11. Tomorrow (’93 out-take)

12. When All Else Fails (’93 out-take)

  1. 13.Falling Through The Cracks (originally on Human Interest Story)

  2. 14.More Than Anything (originally on Human Interest Story)

15. Come My Way ’90

16. Come My Way ’91

additional players:

Steve Carlo (drums on 1,3,8,9,15)

Vito Tonkonog (guitar on 1,15)

Jeff Cascone (guitar on 1,3,8,9,16)

Produced, Engineered and mixed by Angelo Panetta & Robert James

Angelo Panetta